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Nano hakase

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Her true name is not yet known, as the hakase word "Hakase" simply means "Professor", but her surname is known to be "Shinonome. A great nendo to go with others, and not just Nano with a lot to bring. nano nanoshinonome shinonome lab nichijou animalcrossingnewleaf animalcrossing acnl qrcodes thedesignzone. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow nano hakase news, and so much more! But Hakase&39;s always nano hakase very happy to be around Yuuko and she loves to play with her. He asks Ogi what he wants to do.

Unique Nano Stickers designed and sold by artists. Hakase gave nano hakase Nano many hidden abilities, but Nano herself is typically unaware of them. When the key is wound manually, it launches her big toe into the air.

The latest nano hakase tweets from More Nano Hakase images. A sweet bun dispenser in her forehead. Her toes come off easily, and she has a USB flash driv. He is older nano hakase than both Nano and Hakase (20 years old in cat years), and prefers to be called "Sakamoto-san" to emphasize his authority.

She also lacks empathy for Nano’s desire to hide her robot identity. Sakamoto is able to speak while wearing a red scarf made by Hakase. Hakase (Nichijou) Sakamoto (Nichijou) Romance; Developing Relationship; Bad Jokes; Slurs; Summary. They both say good morning back, and Mio comments on the lovely weather. voiced by minoru shirishi in the japanese version. はかせの好きなのなの (Hakase no Suki Nano Nano "I Like You Nano Nano") is the first character image song for Hakase. She then adds, "Just kidding!

She is 1 year old in the start of nano hakase Nichijou, but has the appearance and intellegence of an average teenager. he ran away and was adopted by nano hakase hakase and nano. Hakase Hakase Hakase Hakase Hakase Hakase! Yuuko has apparently left the country by this point, as Hakase becomes ecstatic upon learning that she&39;s coming nano hakase back to Japan soon. : her arm, her other slipper, and her chopsticks.

. She wears an oversized white lab-coat that has no openings on the front or back, and it runs all the way to the ground. After nano hakase Ogi quits the club, the terraces of an apartment complex are shown. Nano&39;s home, the Shinonome Lab.

Cause Hakase programed her that way, Hakase designed Nano so she would love her inconditionally to that no matter what she did would not have real consequences, worst yet she built nano hakase Nano in a way, that herself can’t realize that, that is also the reason why even though Nano tries to educate Hakase, she always fails, she was made in a way, to. with subs :)Just a small clip from nichijou! Hakase/Nano Shinonome; Hakase (Nichijou) Shinonome Nano; Post-Canon; Alternate Universe; Romance; First Kiss; Teen Hakase; Out of Character; Summary. Nano sports a key in her back at the insistence of Hakase. You may be charged a nano hakase restocking fee up to nano hakase 50% of item&39;s price for used or damaged returns and up to 100% for materially different item. Although Sakamoto demands nano hakase respect that an elder should receive, Hakase usually doesn&39;t comply. Due nano to her encounter with Mai&39;s dogs, she didn&39;t like nano hakase her very much at first.

· The only other year consistent with the fact that Nano’s birthday is on a Monday is. Check out Hakase--&39;s anime and manga lists, stats, favorites and so much more on MyAnimeList, nano hakase the largest online anime and manga database in the world! Great addition was the sitting body as well. Hakase constantly wheedles Nano for sweets and at one point even modifies her to dispense desserts. Following Hakase, I decided to make Nano! She then stretches and comments that she might go for a walk after breakfast.

Hakase gave Sakamoto a scarf that allows him to talk, simply because she thought it would be neat. Hakase became older and now a teen, she and Nano have feelings nano hakase to each other but no one of nano hakase them not realized it yet. But Hakase typically t. She nano hakase introduces herself to Yuuko as "Nano&39;s creator", making all of Nano&39;s efforts to hide her true nature useless. This was later modified into a fish cake dispenser. But then she quickly discovered that the cat had a condescending personality much to her displeasure, though she allowed him to stay with nano hakase her.

Has it really been there the entire time? · Hakase and Nano: A Summer Afternoon Posted by Kixkillradio on J Since it’s summer in other part of hemisphere, I decided to have another summer theme photos this time with Nendoroid Hakase and Nendoroid Nano Shinonome from the anime “Nichijou”. They are so fond of its cuteness and wants to take nano hakase care of the cat. The closest one has hung something to dry. Nano x Mio, Yuuko x Mai cw: internalized homophobia, slurs (probably never finishing this one lol) Language. Despite being a robot, Nano acts completely oblivious to her built-in capabilities, and will frequently approach things as a normal girl would, either out of ignorance of her construction or her desire to be viewed as a human.

The set is DIY, other accessories are Re-ment miniatures and papercraft. Gentil, amable, bondadosa, muy inocente en su actuar, Nano es una robot que pasaría desapercibida antes los demás, salvó por la gran llave que lleva en su espalda, y que la nano hakase acompleja. Nano&39;s key can be physically removed by anybody except Nano herself. Does hakase nano have a mother? She nano hakase built Nano herself, and often makes various adjustments to her, but adamantly refuses to remove the wind-up key on her back because she thinks it is cute.

She has an incredibly short attention span, and often it’ll drop or change the subject of a situation at any nano hakase time. How old is nano from hakase? Nano usually treats Sakamoto as an nano hakase elder, but at nano hakase times she sometimes treats Sakamoto like any other house cat, as well. " Mai and Mio continue walking,giving no indication that they e. Nano calls him "Sakamoto-san", respecting him as an elder. It is now that the principal finally notices the wind-up key on Nano&39;s back. See full list on allthetropes.

268~ Nichijou- Nano Shinonome. Get up to 50% off. the aftermath of that. Then Hakase would have been eight years old in, making Future Hakase either 13 or 14.

Hakase has above-average intellect, but she behaves like a spoiled 8-year-old child. hes a middle-aged cat. A massive explosion if she got tripped as depicted on the first episode of the anime.

· Sakamoto cat was seen by Nano in the street, and Hakase found it too and brought it home. After Nano&39;s fist flies toward Misato, the terraces are shown again. Hakase is a young scientist, who despite nano hakase her outstanding intelligence, still reflects her age. She will argue like a child and throw a tantrum nano hakase if she does not get her way. Sweet Bun from Nano&39;s forehead. A cute little break with Nano and Hakase - Episode 16 of Nichijou. Here is a list of the functions that were seen so far: 1. "Nano gets sorta embarrassed about that," Hakase nano chimes in.

Although she is only 2 years-old, Nano has the build and height of an average teenage girl. At that point, Nano invites Yuuko to visit the Shinonome Laboratory along with her friends whenever they want to. This leads to a nano hakase running gag where she promptly introduces herself as Nano&39;s creator whenever she meets someone, much to nano hakase the other person&39;s surprise (and Nano&39;s dismay).

Language: English Words: 447 Chapters: 1/1 Hits: 6 Nano gives Sakamoto food and takes care of him, unlike Hakase (which she asked). Hakase is a loli scientist, who despite her nano hakase outstanding intelligence, still reflects her age(5). hakase named him sakamoto, only because the box had the word sakamoto on it. his original nano hakase owner was nakamura, and his original name hakase was taisho. Daiku notes that Ogi hasn&39;t been to a club meeting in three months; hakase he thought Ogi was dead! The neko-mimi mode was definitely a favourite as well. On the morning of a very nice day, Nano Shinonome waters her garden; Sakamoto and Hakaseare still sleeping.

Ogi arrives at Igo Soccer Club headquarters and addresses the president, Kenzaburou Daiku, who is very happy to see him. That’s too young for high school. However, when they met for the second time, Hakase was quick to open to her, because of hakase a shark drawing she gave to her. Nano is a robot created by Hakase, an 8-year-old professor. Nano figures she should get Hakase up soon, and puts away her hose. She loves sharks and snacks, and constantly modifies Nano Shinonome, whom she created, to add strange and unusual functions such as a roll cake dispensing arm.

. but in the english dub, hes voiced by anthony bowling. Yuuko&39;s curiosity about Nano being a robot is intimidating for her at first, but when Yuuko tells her that "Nano is Nano" nano hakase (implying that she likes her as an individual regardless of her artificial nature), Nano is relieved and positively surprised.

Suddenly, the wrist of her outstretched arm begins to whistle and steam. Snack-Q (Snaq) 4. Ogi replies that he has come to quit the club.

nano hakase It is late evening and the sun is starting to set. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. Nano Nano Nano Nano Nano Nano! Although Nano is Hakase&39;s creation and only 1 year old, Nano and Hakase have a mother/caretaker relationship.

Hakase&39;s usual child-like behavior has Nano acting like a mother to her and scolds her for it. A rollcake dispenser in her left arm. Causing Nano and other individual to be flown beyond where the explosion happened and it will cause damage to some infrastructure. 24 min . What does hakase mean?

She loves nano hakase sharks and snacks, and constantly modifies Nano Shinonome, whom she created,. Down on the street, Yuuko Aioi catches sight of Mio Naganohara and Mai Minakami walking to school and run up to them to say selamat pagi. Sakamoto is a black cat that was found by Nano Shinonome and Hakase.

Nano&39;s key is mostly useless and spins randomly or when she is nano hakase embarrassed or elated. His nano hakase old age must be catching up to him. hakase gave him a red scarf so he could. Nano acts kindly and properly to others in general, but her insecurities about being a robot usually has her fibbing about herself. The song swings between Hakase being mad at Nano nano for petty things, and saying that she loves Nano, her creation.

Her hair and eyes are black, her nano haircut being a bob cut which reaches the end of her neck, with a nano hakase fringe. Having Sakamoto added to the set with the table really topped it off. Hakase Shinonome (はかせ) Hakase is an 8-year-old scientist who, despite her outstanding intelligence, often still acts like a child. Is sakamoto older than nano?

when Yuuko digs through Mio’s stuff at a sleepover to find drawings of girls rather then boys, Mio is mortified. More Nano Hakase videos. She then checks the watch in her arm: 8:05. See full list on nichijou. nano hakase One of her inventions include "Super Glue", an enormous tube of super sticky glue. Her favorite animal is the shark. Professor (はかせ, Hakase) Voiced by: Hiromi Konno (Japanese); Jad Saxton (English) The Professor is an intelligent eight-year-old scientist.

Nano hakase

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